Saturday, July 17, 2010


I am so ready for summer to come back. I'm sick of feeling cold all the time.

Normally we will have the fire going pretty much constantly through the winter in our house. But at the moment, Mum, Dad and our youngest sister have decided they're sick of the cold too, and they've gone off to Darwin. That leaves 3 of us home, but one has just broken up with her boyfriend and is out living it up, leaving Casey and I here, and unfortunately, the two of us aren't really around enough to keep it going. She works mornings (I sleep mornings) and, since noone's been home at night, she's been having dinner at friends houses, while I'm at work.

Even though the fire is very good at putting out heat (average winter temp without fire - 17C, with fire - 28C) its not very good at staying going for a long time. Even big chunks of wood, with the air supply turned down, tend to be burned through in about 3 hours, so the dream of lighting it before work to come home to a nice warm house never comes to fruition, especially as it's even worse when it's only just been lit. It needs attention every hour for the first 5 or so hours, and so I'll be coming home to a cold house after I finish work. Again.

Tomorrow though, I finish at 8.30, so I've got a good 4 hours of couch sitting time at my disposal, making lighting it totally worthwhile. Well, telling Casey to light it. I've built it all up ready, she just needs to put a lighter in and find some matches, and maybe I'll be nice and warm again.

P.S. Retro quilt got finished yesterday, and is very nice, but camera is on the charger, and can't make it out to the clothesline. Also, I wish it was warmer.

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