Friday, July 23, 2010

Attempeted Indignation Workaround...

So last night I did a heap of googling of the various American mail forwarding services and I've decided to try out They just have an $8.50 flat rate, and seem to realise that flatrate priority boxes are the way to go, just like most ebay sellers have. So I've bought 13yards, mostly $2.49 per yard stuff and mostly in half yard cuts, because I figure they can't possibly be making money on that when you combine it with the free US postage thing.

When I was working at Spotlight there was a program that told you the cost price of any item, so that you didn't reduce it to so far that they were losing money. At first it was very interesting, but almost immediately, it became very depressing. The gist of it is, they could reduce prices on most of the quilting fabrics by 75% and still make a profit. Not enough, but some, and I figure that's the precipice that are on.

If this shipito thing can get it to me for $35, then that's $6 per yard, and that's the current full clearance price at spotlight. If it costs $55 then that's $8 per yard, and that's the first clearance price they go to, and equals out at $2 a fat quarter, which is a 33% saving on my normal limit.

So not only am I getting fabric on the cheap, one can only hope that are losing money on every transaction I get forwarded, and that it will only take a few more shops till i recoup what they overcharged me on for the first one.

In other news, the dollar has gotten better too, which always makes me happy, as does the fact that the taxman is going to send me a bit over a grand in the next fortnight. Thankyou taxman.

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