Saturday, July 31, 2010

And now it's attacking it's mother. Again...

The blue/green quilt top is all finished, and next up it's designing and piecing the back before I get to my big freak out about the quilting. I have decided, for no obvious reason, that I would like to free motion this one. I'm sure that I could talk myself out of it without too much effort, but I would need an alternative. I want:

-evenly spaced quilting
-no big gaps (aiming for not more than 2" apart)
-no/very few line crossovers

Stippling remains the obvious choice, but thus far, I have sucked. I am a regular person, (in that I like regularity, not that I am normal,) and I struggle with the forced aimlessness of a meandering line. Ive downloaded a whole heap of examples, and I'm considering printing them out and pinning them on, but it seems like an awfully large amount of work.

What I really should do is come up with some sort of practice piece that I could work on, but I struggle to develop skills on practice pieces. I tend to not bother trying to hard, because it doesn't matter anyway. The only way for me to learn how to do something is to actually do it, for real, with the expensive fabrics on the almost completed projects.

And, for obvious reasons, I don't want to do that. Practices so far have yielded many sharp corners and stitches of varying lengths, as my free motion foot seems quite light, almost as if it's a bit too high up after the nice firm pressure of the regular foot. I just feel much more confident when the fabric is being fed through for me, and that means my normal foot, and that means t
he gorgeous wave stitch. I could probably come up with some kind of big, nestled wave thing done in it, that might look nice. Maybe if I did say 6 of them in a grid across the whole thing, something like this...

That's 3 lengths of stitching, and the little wave stitch on my machine will make it look less structured than it is. The only problem will be the sheer amount of turning I will have to do.

Oh well. Baby steps.

In other news, I just spent $60 on mainly Odyssea fabrics on eBay, to do a quilt for my dad's new boat. Quilt Bribery - it's my way of getting to keep Babycat. Though I'm not sure why I want to, as it's taken fully fifteen minutes to type this last paragraph due to the vicious furball sitting on the keys and attacking my fingers.

Ungrateful little shit.

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