Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Afternoon already?

Feeling very good about the fact that I got Mama Jan's quilt cut and neatly bagged last night, and have decided that that's enough justification for the fact that I didn't get up till after lunchtime.

I've also bought some bundles off of ebay as possible options for my aunt's 2nd baby - she's been very unhelpful in the knowing what it is and not telling us respect. I swear, should I ever get pregnant, I will tell everyone what it is, especially those who are trying to make it a quilt.

They aren't from the same range, obviously, and one has 9 and one has 8, so there's not quite enough to do each on their own, but it was less than $3 per fat quarter, so it's all okay. I think I can get away with putting a couple from the left bundle into the right and saving the rest, But I will have to wait till they get here to be sure. If not, I'll put them in little baggies and take them shopping with me till it all works out.

In the meantime, I have to go to work now. How not fun. But I should earn about $125 before tax, so I guess it's necessary.

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