Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So... you blog stuff?

So I'm starting a blog in an attempt to give me an alternative website to eBay to hang out on. There, I waste money. Here, I can only waste time. Currently only my time, but, I suppose, if you're reading this, then yours as well.

So, what's this blog about?

Um, actually, probably not much at first. One day, it would be wonderful if it ends up in the big circle of quilting/ crafting blogs that exist in the interspace, but, for now, it's probably gunna be sewing, and cat complimenting, and, occasionally, even though it’s been nearly five months, some bitching about the ex and his gummy new girlfriend. I've mainly moved on, with a little help from the realization that you can’t firebomb them all, a life lesson that will no doubt be the subject of its own post very soon.

So, who am I?

My name is Sara, though I also answer to Skinny, “hey, you,” “um, excuse me?” and “meow.” I’m 22, still live with my parents, work at a supermarket and, 3 months ago, got adopted by a cat. Her name is HoneyMuffinLollipopCupcakeSprinkles (I have a seven year old sister) but we call her Honeycat. Her hobbies include eating 6 full meals a day, disemboweling mice and leaving bits at the back door, chewing through any wool I am trying to knit, tipping over my bottles of perfume in an effort to get me out of bed (so I can feed her), sitting on my keyboard while I'm trying to facebook and enticing feral toms into the backyard. She is getting spayed in 2 weeks though, so hopefully that will stop the last one happening so much.

What do I do?

Sleep, mainly, these days, as my first attempt at quilting, around 8 weeks ago, was just 10 days before the thing was due to be entered into a competition, and, as the only available time to sew in the lounge room was after everyone else was abed, I stayed up till 4am sewing. Now, even though I'm back to mainly doing little projects in my teeny bedroom workspace, I'm still usually doing them between the hours of midnight and 3am. Fortunately, I do afternoons at work on the smokes counter, which means working hours of 3-11pm, and so I don’t have wake till around eleven, or sometimes even lunchtime (not including the 2 ½ minutes I'm awake putting my perfume bottles back on the shelf and feeding the cat, usually around 7.30am)

Craft wise, well, I don’t scrapbook (I facebook) and I can’t crochet, which bums me cause I desperately want a room full of tiny amigurami (that totally baffled spell check) but I can’t seem to figure it out myself, and certainly won’t be trying at the moment, when I have had to switch pretty much exclusively to fabric crafts, which the cat doesn’t find as tempting. Lately I am mainly quilting and toymaking, though my current handbag is getting a bit feral looking, so it’ll be time for a bit more of that shortly. I also do clothes, when my stash looks ready to devour small children and needs to be culled quickly.

Why One Sock Productions?

Well, um… honestly, I'm not entirely sure. For the most part, I go with Kooky Couture as my pseudo-label, but it came to me last night, and I like the ring of it. There’s two versions to the story, one is that I live in a cold climate and my sewing machine has a metal pedal, so you need a sock on that foot but the room is a bit of a mess and sometimes you can only find one… the other is that last night I stepped on a pin, and obviously, once you’ve pulled it out you take off your sock to have a look at the hole, but there’s no point taking the other one off so you spend the next 5 hours wandering around the house with one sock on… mainly, I wanted to keep this separate from my other online endeavors, and it was the most recent thing I came up with.*

So that’s it, you wanted somewhere to post mean stuff that no one you know will read?

No, since I'm using the same email address, my real name, my place of work and I’ll probably tell my crafty aunt about it… I haven’t used my old livejournal since the shit of January2009 went down, and facebook isn’t really suited to proper blogging. I had a blogspot back in high school, and as it seems most of the crafty blogs are here rather than livejournal, here it is.

Why have I switched to being a separate voice, whereas before I was you?

Dunno. You’re the voice, try and understand it…

And now we’ve alienated all the non Australians…

Buggerem. That Jodie lady from RicRac, she’ll get it.

*the most recent thing I came up with that wasn’t an embarrassing reference to a Garth Brooks song, which will no doubt be brought up at a later date.

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