Friday, June 25, 2010

The ramifications of grandma-dom...

Honeycat had a kitten.

Quite unexpected isn't it?

We were thinking, "well, maybe she's pregnant... dad used to let her out at night even when we knew the boy cat was around... or maybe she's just fat cause she eats so much"

Then I come home this afternoon, with my big bundle of shiny new fabrics from the post office, and she keeps trying to get me to come to the bedroom... doesn't even eat the food I put in her bowl...

But I leave her to whatever it is she's doing, because I have new fabric. I pull all the stickers off, take out the little bits of cardboard and shake them all out ready to put in the wash.

Then I go check the cat. She's made herself a spot between some boxes of inherited fabric on top of some old 2mm foam and some wadding offcuts, under my bed. It's easiest to see from the far side, but there's not even a 2 foot gap on that side, so I just lay on the bed and stick my head over the side.

Visibility isn't great, but I can hear a small noise as well as Honeycat's purring. It might be my belly, I have a bit of a bug at the moment, so I go get a torch.

There's a little black tail in there too.


In other news... my fabric remains unwashed :(

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