Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The post office has no more fabric to give me...

My last pouch of fabric is here, and I've gotten it all wadded up ready to wash... tomorrow.

I'm very much looking forward to my day off and plan on washing/ironing this bundle in the morning, going into town for the middle bit then coming home to make some serious inroads on my next quilt.

I've decided to go with the star design, but a bit more casual with the colour positioning - scattering the designs within the two shades because the math wouldn't give me an economical way of making the repeating pattern smaller - I would still be needing the 16 fat quarters, but 75% of eight of them wouldn't be getting used. 10 fat quarters split between the two colour schemes makes a 120cm blanket and a 40cm cushion cover, so I'll be doing that, in blue and brown, to maybe give to the baby of one of the girls at work.

I hadn't planned on making it for her, and noone suggested it, and I haven't told anyone I'm doing it, so if it fails miserably, or I get distracted and it takes forever, then I'm not letting anyone's expectations down.

She had the baby a couple of months ago now, but he was a bit early so she had to stay in Adelaide with him for a while. They're all back home now, but she hasn't bought him into work for a meet and greet yet, and if I can get it done nicely in the next week or so, I'll probably give it to them. If not, the 7 year old likes blue, or the kitchen is blue, or my aunt is pregnant again, and so are two of my cousins, so its not like I haven't got anyone to give it to. If its terrible, that cat has a new blanket.

I've cut the 22cm squares for it and they're all nicely ziplocked with the shape piece for cutting the corners off, and I'll be doing what I can of that tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully.

Best laid plans and all of that.

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