Friday, June 25, 2010

New project... Maybe...

Okay, so in and around work, being sick and becoming a grandma, I may have snuck into Stitch and Knit yesterday... mainly to look at the fabric I had just bought on the internet in all its real world glory, and feel smug at the fact that I had got it for half the price, but also because, well, I was down the main street and, frankly, I am weak.

While in there, I had a look at the top being machined and felt good that even though I may have thus far only done squares, it least they all line up. Then, while shamelessly perving on all the gorgeous machine-quilted-and-perfectly-cornered-and-comprised-of-very-expensive-fabric-that-I-really-couldn't-afford-to-buy-from-there quilts, I got inspired.

There was one of those "supposed to be wonky within the perfectly aligned block" ones there, in brown and blue, and, I will admit, maybe a little bit of drool came out. Or maybe it was snot. I do have a cold at the moment, but I'm not sure which would be more embarrassing.

Here's a rough sketch, without colour.

And, today while sitting in my nice warm car before I had to get out and be miserable and fluey and at work, I did a little sketch that was the precursor to this, which I did once I had a nice handy touchscreen laptop to work with, instead of the back of a receipt.

A quick bit of Quilt Math (which definitely deserves the capitals because its sooo much harder than real math) tells me that it can be does as a 160cm quilt, with squares of a finished 20cm and star blocks of a finished 40cm, with 8 half yards of fabric, 4 each of 2 tones.

That's 16 fat quarters.

Most of the ones at spotlight are $2.10 this week.

That's $33.60 for the top.

Or, I could go back to Stitch and Knit, where the fat quarters are $3, even though they've got a pretty limited range, and do it for $48.

I have tomorrow off, if the slightly psycho honeymummycat will let me leave the house...

In other news, I used up all my energy putting my fabric into the washing machine and pushing the 33 million buttons you need to press to get it to work. Hopefully tomorrow it will get dried and ironed. Hopefully.

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