Monday, June 28, 2010

Most of... No, wait, SOME OF my prewashing is done...

So I just set myself up a googlesites, because the internet told me it was the best way to host some files for free. It's only 100meg, but hopefully, until I work out something better, it will be enough.

I have prewashed, ironed, and folded neatly all the fabric I have so far. Actually, that's not entirely true, its actually more like 95ish% of the stuff that I am planning on prewashing. Which doesnt include the stuff I'm not prewashing. Anything bigger that 2 yards wont be prewashed, and nor will anything definitely set for toys. So, maybe, if you're going by yardage* anyway, cause remember that the big bits aren't getting washed, some 45% of my fabric has been prewashed. But as for fabric I intend to prewash, but havent yet... not very much at all.

There's a piece I got from the Salvos which is very vivid and apparently, according to the selvage, made in Brazil, and my grubby little quilting soul, the one I keep in a jar in the bottom drawer of my sewing cabinet, says that it will run, and not to put it in with the rest.
There's the stuff I got for the PinkGreenBrown quilt I designed one night, but am too scared to do because it contains proper triangles. Ones that line up and everything. Washing that fabric would put me a bit too close to actually starting it, and I am not quite ready.
There's the stuff I'm still waiting on, of course, because its hard to wash something before its even made it to the post office on its way to you.
And, there is the stuff I have lost, in the upheaval caused by the birth of babycat in the epicenter of my stash. But I have bought some big rolly tubs, and many new sizes of ziplock bag, and one day, I will make a start on tidying this place up.

Not tonight though, because my sister has fallen asleep on my bed, and is taking up most of it, snoring loudly. Seriously, she is the only one I know of who can out-snore Honeycat.

Gah. I need... I was gunna say to move out, but that's not right. I need some of them to move out.

*which we wont be because we are Australian, so its metreage, which looks especially stupid when you do the r before the e, which is of course, the correct Australian spelling. So maybe we will stick with yardage.

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