Friday, June 25, 2010

To sew, or what to sew... that is the question...

It's a weird conundrum, isn't it... I don't want to use my good fabric on a new or experimental design, because if it doesn't work then it's nice fabric wasted, but I dont wanna use crappy fabric, because if it works, then its time and effort wasted, and now I have something I've worked really hard on, but don't like.

What I need is more mid-range fabrics... or nice fabrics that I have a lot of, or didn't pay too much for... actually, I do have quite a few fabrics like that, because I buy a lot of cheap ends of bots at clearance time, but none of them coordinate.

In other news, Honeycat appears to only be having the one kitten, who we have given the honorific "he" and are thus far calling "Babycat." He is grey.

In other other news, my pre-washing remains undone.

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