Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was up until 4am making monsters for someone at work and she wasn't even there tonight.

Oh well.

I've decided to take the night off from sewing, actually, from all crafting, mainly because just before I started work, some 8+ hours ago, I ate a punnet of strawberries, and they're still doing nasty things to my insides. I've been feeling queasy and hickurping (hiccups that are more like burps) for the last 3 hours now, and I really think there are few things in life that make you more miserable than an extended bout of the hickurps.

So, no projects tonight, and I'm not sure about tomorrow night either, but I have Thursday off and I'm slightly desperate to start a new quilt... god knows I've bought enough fabric lately. But, I'm still waiting for my 4 pouches of ebay fabric to arrive from America and hoping that something will pop out from there... I've technically got all the fabric for 2 quilts already, but the 12 rainbow fat quarters I'm not sure how I want to do, and the pink, green and brown quilt is all thought out, but contains many triangles, and I am scared.

We'll see what happens.

In the meantime, sleep, work, and figuring out how to put photos into this thing.

I'ts probably a good thing noone reads this at the moment, because its still not very pretty.

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