Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Been feevin...

In spite of all the big plans, my list of achievements for today doesn't quite match expectations...

Prewashing didn't get done.

Baby quilt got some progress made, but not quite enough, cause I had to go...


I was expecting it would be terrible, stuck in a car with a drunken dad and the bad sister, but the good sister had been drinking in town, so we went and picked her up before we went out, and we stopped at the pub on the way, and I drank a cruiser.

Now, for the most part I don't drink. I can, and occasionally do, and have been known to consume up to 17 drinks in a single night, but that's just the thing. As soon as I stop, I'm pretty much done. I get a headache after the second one, and if I stop then, I immediately get sleepy. What I need to do, if I'm drinking, is consume at least 4 in the first hour or so, then at least 1 an hour after that. For me, there's no such thing as just a couple, or a casual drink. Go hard or go home, that's pretty much the family motto, and most of the time, I'd rather go home. I've usually got prewashing to not-do.

But tonight, I had a cruiser, and enjoyed our pointless little trip, and now I'm going to break what I think is the main rule of the bitchy stitcher, which is don't drink and quilt.

I got it all lined up before we left, so really I'm just going to be running it through the machine, and I think it should be okay... Certainly wont get finished, but my 20cm squares will be back together, then its just turning them into 40cm squares, then joining them into a quilt top.

I made the pillow top as a practice first, and it looks quite nice, though I ironed the seams to one side, which I don't normally do, just to see how it would go... I wont be doing it again. I split my seams. It's just better.

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